Today’s Book: The Killing Art, by Jonathan Santlofer

Santlofer does it again, with this chilling third instalment to his Death Artist series. In The Killing Art, protagonist Kate McKinnon must re-invent herself in the glamorous art world of New York City. But just as she begins to take comfort in her new existence, she is drawn back to her past as an NYPD Detective and finds herself on the trail of a serial killer.
The thing that I find most fascinating and satisfying about Santlofer’s work is the way he incorporates his inside knowledge of the art world into every page. His use of his own paintings as clues is both unique and brilliantly enticing. Before embarking on his career as an author, Santlofer was already a well-known painter. His symbiotic merging of the two art forms creates a product that is addictive to say the least.
-Donna Carrick, February 1, 2007

2 thoughts on “Today’s Book: The Killing Art, by Jonathan Santlofer

  1. Donna, what can I say? Obviously you are a woman with great taste and style. But seriously, thanks. There is nothing better than praise from another writer.
    I like the pic of you with the clarinet, and the idea that you are learning to play for your new character. Me, I’m learning Spanish, hanging out in Spanish Harlem, spending my money in botanicas, all to be closer to my new character, Nate Rodriguez. I’m even considering getting the tattoo I gave him. Life and art; nothing like blurring the edges.
    Go toot that horn, baby!

  2. Thanks for the note, Jonathan. (Your research sounds more exciting than mine…) I can’t wait to read Anatomy of Fear. When it comes out in April it will be at the top of my list.
    Art — Life, is there a difference?

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