The road to The End: a deeply personal journey

BLOG The End canstockphoto14428803For me, writing is a solitary art. I’m sure that’s true for many of my colleagues.

On the other hand, networking requires an author to be present, to be a voice among many within the literary community.

But the act of writing is not usually a collaborative effort.

We each come to this private place, this lookout, on our own feet — and for our reasons.

Some of us need to share our truths, those rare nuggets of beauty and pain that we have experienced.

Others want only to entertain.

Of course, the best among us strive to do both: to thrill readers, make them laugh, cry and feel something as we hold them to our truths. To “bump souls” with them for want of a better phrase.

We cannot always predict where the winding road of our words will lead. Of course, that’s why we love the creative journey. Its beauty lies in the surprises we encounter.

Whatever path you follow, may you always reach “The End” of your story.
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