Hello, readers and fellow-writers… – February 1, 2007

Welcome. My name is Donna Carrick, and I am the author of 2 mystery novels published in 2006: The Noon God and Gold And Fishes. Both books are currently available through Amazon.com.
Since this is my first-ever journey into the Land of Blog, it seems appropriate to tell you a bit about my purpose. Like most people living in the new millennium, I struggle to maintain various roles on a daily basis. First and foremost, I’m very fortunate to be married to the love of my life. Together Alex and I are raising three terrific kids, ranging in age from 4 to 22. Life is a blast in the Carrick household, between full time jobs, Mandarin classes, clarinet lessons, our dog Daisy and Dora the Cat.

Thank goodness ‘writing’ is a compulsion; otherwise I might never find the time!

Like every scribe since the first blob of ink splashed onto a page, my mission is to explore new ideas, express thoughts and concerns, engage the reader in stories that I hope will touch him or her on a personal level, and record something of value about the place and time we live in. I also intend to use this blog as a forum for exchanging notions with fellow-artists. Whenever I encounter a writer/painter/dancer/musician/etc. whose work I admire, I’ll tell you about it.

Above all, my purpose is to celebrate the written word in all of its crazy glory. If I can be true to the concept of pure expression, then I will feel that I’ve accomplished something worthwhile. That quest may take me down some strange roads, especially as I explore the connections that exist between literature, painting, music and the many other forms that art assumes.

I hope to use this forum to answer questions that may come my way. So if you have any, feel free to fire them off through the contact form on my Web page. I’d also be happy to hear about any specific topics related to fiction or art that you’d like to share.

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