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0-Donna Carrick - Dead to Writes PHOTO 10 ICON CORRECTEDAnnouncing Dead to Writes – the Podcast!

Just popping in to the Mesdames’ Website to invite you to subscribe to our brand new Podcast: Dead to Writes!

You can download our audio for free on iTunes podcasts or at Google Play. At a later date, we’ll also be loading back-episodes into YouTube, at our Carrick Publishing channel. (I’ll be sure to share the link when the YouTube stream goes live.)

Tonight, January 1, our brand new Season 1, Episode 2 titled “Snake Oil” will go live, with a fantastic interview featuring Deadly Friend and Mesdames’ founder M.H. Callway!

Our January 1 Episode 1, “Sugar ‘N’ Spice”, featured Deadly Friend Joan O’Callaghan.

Each episode throughout 2018 will include:
•An interview with one of my favourite authors, who shall heretofore be known as Deadly Friends
•A short story for our #ReadersOnTheRun segment, read aloud by yours truly
•Tips for writers as offered by our featured author and/or myself
•Terrific contest prizes! Qualify by listening to the podcast and answering questions correctly at our Dead to Writes Facebook page!
•Fabulous original story scoring “Killer in Utopia” and theme music “Eyes of Gold” by Ted Carrick

So please, come on down and join the fun!

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Attention Authors!

We’re now firming up our 2018 1st Quarter schedule! If you’d like to call yourself one of our Deadly Friends, email me at CarrickPublishing @ rogers . com .

In the email Subject line, say Schedule Me for an interview.

I’d LOVE the chance to chat with you live on Dead to Writes, the Podcast!

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16 years ago…the day our world forever changed.

Nov.11-8On this day, at almost exactly this very moment 16 years ago, our world changed forever.

The following is a commemorative post I wrote on September 11, 2011. I’d like to re-share it with you today:

Like most adults, I woke today filled with memories of that other morning, ten years ago, almost to the moment.

It had been a period of loss for our family. First my mother, unexpectedly at the age of 69 in early 2000. Next a dear aunt, then another — sisters of my mother. Then, on September 3, 2001, my husband Alex lost a beloved aunt, followed the very next day, September 4, by his father, Donald Carrick.

We returned to work on the morning of Monday, September 11 after a week of funerals. Already saddened, but relieved, at least, to put the heaviest of our grief behind us and get back to our normal routines.

It was just past 9 am. My office phone rang. It was one of my staff, a young lady, calling to say she would be a little late. “But Donna,” she added, “there’s something wrong in New York City. I don’t know what, but something’s happened at The Towers.”

I won’t pretend her first words chilled me. I had no idea, after all, what they meant. But her next sentences gave me pause. “It’s really scary,” she said. “Everything here is too quiet. There are no planes in the air — none.”

I put the phone down. I work for a major media organization, and at that time we were still connected with Canwest at the 1450 Don Mills Road building. I ran from my office on the 2nd floor up a half flight toward the big news screen on the 3rd floor.

Within moments, almost 200 of my friends and co-workers had joined me. In absolute silence we watched the newsman as he struggled to make sense of the first impact. He, and we, thought it must have been an accident. He spoke in reverence, pausing to find the right words. Clearly it was not a typical news report. He was just a guy with a microphone and a camera, trying to tell the world what had happened.

And then, before our eyes, in one flash of horror, the unthinkable occurred. The second plane. As he spoke, facing the camera, behind his head we saw it pass, turn, and collide with the second tower.

And we all knew.

There was no cry of horror in our building. No stifled collective gasp — no outrage spoken in words.

There was only a deep, unbroken silence as the knowledge flooded us.

During the days that followed our hearts broke time and again, with each new discovery, each fresh image that was presented to us. We were filled with an unprecedented grief, and a love for our brothers and sisters in New York City.

The phrase “Ground Zero” came into our language. But we know the damage of that day was not isolated to the towers. Not at all. Its impact ripples to this day through the hearts and minds of people everywhere. None are left untouched.

So here we are in Canada on a beautiful Toronto morning. What has changed in our world?

Ten years have come…and gone. A heightened sense of security worldwide has restricted our freedoms in ways we might never have imagined. We’ve suffered suspicion… against our neighbours, from our neighbours. Friendships have grown, or have been set aside. Babies have been born, and loved ones have died.

But that moment, standing with hundreds of my co-workers, friends all, entrenched in the silent horror of first awareness, before even the newsman knew for sure…..

…that was a pivotal moment.

A moment that cannot be erased, nor can it be trivialized, nor should it ever be.

All that has come to pass since that day has been acted on an altered stage.

And now, ten years later, we still seek peace. Too elusive. Too vague a concept. Our global psyche too cluttered with offenses given and received, too filled with suspicion and hatred. Forgive us our trespasses, as we will forgive those who trepass….

Instead of a day committed to reliving that horror, as if anyone could or would ever forget, I pray we will dedicate this day to seeking peaceful solutions to our differences.

That’s my fervent wish on this day, ten years to the moment later.

Donna Carrick
September 11, 2011

Well, somebody sure woke up on the wrong side of the (historical) bed…

1-hillary-photoThank you, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Thank you for your many years of service, hard work and dedication, in the face of relentless accusations, slander and misunderstanding.

Thank you for fighting always for women and children, for minorities, for the handicapped, the GLBTQ community and for the vulnerable who require affordable health care.

Thank you for enduring disrespect, insult and threats the like of which no candidate before you has withstood. Thank you for standing your ground with dignity, for holding women to a higher aspiration, a higher purpose.

And now America has spoken. So we must move forward.

Will we forget that glass ceiling? Will we return to complacency, accepting life in second-class land?

Or will we carry that torch forward?

I hope, I pray that this is just one more beginning. One more step along the way.

We woke up on the wrong side of history this morning, in more than one way.

Only time will tell HOW wrongly this history will spin out.

The world has survived worse.

We will rise, dust off our pantsuits, and try again.

Me, I refuse to entertain hatred, fear and bigotry. These are not my touchstones.

My love to all, and best wishes for the coming years.

Donna Carrick

Twitter gets its #Nasty on: #TrumpBookReport

If you’re a fan of Twitter, you probably noticed the post-Debate trend that began Wednesday evening and remained a top trend throughout Thursday, Oct. 20. Although it’s no longer at the top of the trend-list, it’s still going strong today, and in my humble opinion, it’s one of the funniest things to come out of Twitter ever.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, here are a few of my favourite Tweets (and a couple of my own thrown in for good measure.)

Here at last, folks, is proof positive that the cool kids still love books! And are funny…very funny…

If you need a laugh, come on down!

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Ted Carrick Wows audience with surprise technique!

Dear Readers:

I have a real treat for you. No, not a new book release. Not even a short story or a poem.

Instead, I’d like to share this video of Ted Carrick, guitarist extraordinaire!

Hope it brings a smile to your face and sets your body to dance mode!

Happy Rocking, one and all…

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The creative brain on freedom…

Freedom’s just another word…

But it’s a mouthful, isn’t it?

Most of us are driven to chase that elusive intangible.

Some measure of conformity is a necessary cornerstone of our daily lives. After all, we don’t keep our jobs by dancing naked on the desk, or by slipping whoopee cushions onto the boss’s chair, as much as we might like to.

But in our creative minds, we are truly free.

Whether we write, paint, dance, sing or knit — our creations belong to us, the creators, and we can shape them to fit our vision.

Of course, freedom is something we must never take for granted. In the face of uncertain times, it becomes even more important to flex our creative muscles.

Freedom is like your carried-forward vacation days: you gotta use it or lose it, baby!

Here’s to fresh ideas and the courage to bring them to life!

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When that moody winter moon comes a-callin’…

There’s nothing like the glow of a cold winter moon to rev up the imagination of a writer.

It resurrects the memory of Au Claire de la Lune.

(At least this is the way we children learned the folk song of unknown origin, though Wikipedia offers a more adult version of the lyric.)

“Good Pierre, I beg you,
In the moonlight bright,
Your quill pen to lend me,
For I long to write.

“Burnt out is my candle,
And my fire’s out too.
Good Pierre, I beg you,
Let me in, pray do.”

Since I was a child, these words and their haunting melody have claimed a room in my soul.

I’ve been inhabited by the image of the haggard writer — no candle, no fire, seeking warmth and light by which to continue his mission.

MoonlightI suppose this accounts for my life-long fascination with lunar rhythms.

She is my silver muse, my inkwell, my inspiration.

It’s been too long since this writer snuffed out candle to bask in the dream-weaving radiance of a lunar swell.

I wonder what strange characters and nefarious deeds might be conjured up ‘neath her sublime countenance.

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