Praise for The Noon God

The Noon GodThe Noon God

Donna Carrick

“5-Stars: A dark novel of coming to terms with secrets and accepting the heavy mantle of responsibility, The Noon God fascinates the reader with the brilliance of its stark choices and the hidden depths of its shadows.” ~ Midwest Book Reviews

“5-Stars: Spend a few hours with this book. It’s not only entertaining and thoughtful but well written. Three in one – you can’t miss!” ~ D.J. McIntosh, author of The Witch of Babylon

“5-Stars: Incredible story with strong characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and give it a heartfelt recommendation! I promise you won’t be disappointed.” ~ S. Rasmussen, Amazon reader

“Couldn’t put it down! I’ll be a fan forever. It was thought-provoking as well as very entertaining.” ~ Amazon reader, Fernandina Beach, FL

“The Noon God does not disappoint. Donna Carrick has managed to pack a very large story into a neat, succinct 100+ page book.” ~ Barbara Kent, author of Success in the Words of the Masters