Sept-Iles and other places, five chilling tales from the north…

Sept-Iles and other places
Sept-Iles and other places

Donna Carrick

Carrick Publishing, 2013

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A selection of 5 haunting stories by Donna Carrick — Volume 1 of the Toboggan Mysteries series. Each compelling tale features a Northern locale, with characters and settings that will seem familiar to many readers.

North On The Yellowhead: A tale of love and loss in small-town Saskatchewan. When a thirty-something rock star learns of the murder of her childhood sweetheart, she returns home for a final goodbye. Friendship, heartbreak and the road not taken – in life nothing lasts, not even forever.

Dancing with Carole: Seventeen-year-old Ruth is fond of the young couple next door. When they decide to attend the annual dance, she’s happy to babysit their children. Their northern village harbors a secret of murder and deviancy – one that will change Ruth’s life forever.

Invasion: Where do we draw the line in our closest relationships? When even our private thoughts come under attack, can we still call it love?

The Night She Died: When Jane and her sister visit their cousin Grace, she enlists their help shelling out Halloween candy. But who is the teenaged girl with the strange silver eyes? And why is Grace suddenly terrified beyond words?

Spring’s Last Skate: It’s a perfect day in Northern Quebec. Doris and Martha have been skating with their friends. Lunch is waiting in their mother’s kitchen. Their innocence, though, is short-lived, as the afternoon holds a horror they cannot yet imagine.