Knowing Penelope, five tales of deadly intent…

Knowing Penelope
Knowing Penelope

Donna Carrick

Carrick Publishing, 2013

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By the award-winning author of The First Excellence, Knowing Penelope contains five tales of deadly intent. These disturbing stories will touch the reader’s sense of reality and reveal the dark forces that drive ignoble deeds.

A Happy Customer: Smart, sexy and ready to rumble, petite PI Penelope Canon makes her fictional debut in in this ‘confidence’ case. Can Penelope follow the money to swindler Jeff Winger and recover her client’s life savings? If there’s one thing Penelope really likes, it’s a happy customer.

Axe Husband: People often asked Kimberly why she’d left Ray. He was a good husband and father who never raised his voice. But when a camping trip in Northern Ontario sparks unexpected tension, her lack of options becomes frighteningly clear.

Low Roller: What do a brash young realist and an elderly artist have in common? When wealthy widow Mattie Oaks hires Penelope Canon to find her drug addicted stepson, the pint-sized PI cannot refuse. As she learns, though, the line between ‘helping’ and ‘enabling’ is a thin one.

Prepared: Do you believe in angels? When Helen dreams she is visited by a messenger from God, she hopes her suffering may soon be over. But is Helen really listening to what the angel is trying to say? There are some things, after all, for which we cannot be prepared.

Appearances: Val and Carmen don’t know what to make of Janie. Fresh from her husband’s funeral, the renowned author seems untouched by grief. Even her step-children find the young widow to be, well, not really cold, but odd. In life, though, as in fiction, things are not always as they seem, and judgement can be a false mistress indeed.