Praise for Gold And Fishes

Gold And FishesGold And Fishes

Donna Carrick
International Literary Thriller/Suspense

“A story of heartbreak and hope…Meticulously researched, Gold And Fishes contains not one, but three carefully-interwoven story lines…poignant and evocative…the gripping account of a global disaster.” ~ Jim Napier, The Sherbrooke Record and Deadly Diversions

“Donna Carrick’s “Gold and Fishes” is a well-written story, filled with just enough plot twists and research to make it a literary gem…This is a beautiful story, unique and delicately pieced together. Read it!” ~ Jen Knox, author of Musical Chairs and To Begin Again

“From the very first page, I was drawn into this compelling story…a realistic portrait of a nurse in a disaster aftermath…There was a lovely syntax to Donna Carrick’s writing that was somehow a bridge between American writing and UK-style writing.” ~ Eve Paludan, author of The Man Who Fell From the Sky

“This was a wonderful book about the aftermath of the terrible tsunami that washed away countless people in 2004. Wonderfully researched, the story was primarily about an aid worker, Ayla Harris, who went on a relief mission to Banda Aceh.” ~ Catherine, Amazon reader

“Great read! The author really did her research on the Tsunami and the story around that tragic event is so well done.” ~ Susan Morgan, Amazon reader