Are you working smart… or just working hard?

One Of Those Days
So, this is my public declaration:
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Yes, I may be shouting, but it’s not directed at you, dear reader.

It’s true, I’m angry, but I’m angry at myself. I seem to have come down with the Paperwork Blues. For some time now I’ve been aware of a devolution of my professional life.

To the point where the harder I work, the more is piled onto my desk… and the farther I fall behind!

Sound familiar?

I think this may be the case with many of us. It becomes a question of working SO hard and for SO long that you can no longer remember what YOUR OWN goals are.

So I find myself asking myself this question: What do you want to accomplish, Donna?

And guess what? The answer is NOT “More paperwork, please.”

And it’s also not “Oh, let me, I’d love to stare obsessively at this monitor for another 9 hours, hoping to catch up with all this minutiae.”


Not at all.

So allow me to press the question further. What is it you hope to accomplish today? This week? This year?

Is that pile of paperwork on your desk going to help you accomplish it?

Or, as in my case, is it actually going to hold you back from your professional and personal goals?

I’ve come to the conclusion that the harder I work, the happier others are to allow me to keep on doing exactly that.

(Really, guys, I love you all madly, but this can’t go on! **smooches**)

The people who seem to get ahead in this life are the ones who know how to delegate, to push back, to walk away from that steaming mound of, er, paper.

After the year I’ve just survived, you can bet I’ll be trying to learn a lesson from those fortunate souls!

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