A visit from the Dark Muse…

Donna Dark MuseThe world of crime is a murky one.

Its streets are unlit, fraught with fear, and its heart charged with mystery.

I write crime. It’s what I do

And like so many authors of that age-old genre, my soul welcomes a visit from the Dark Muse.

We reside in a world that seems, of late, to have gone truly mad; madder than ever, I would venture.

We hurl words about the Internet with intent to injure each other. Too many of our politicians ignore the lessons of history, speaking lies and half-truths that can only lead to hurt. The news and social medias are full of terror and rants, threatening our very sense of freedom and peace.

In these dark and dangerous times, why would anyone choose to explore Crime Fiction? After all, we need only look to the daily news for that cheap thrill, that scintillating proximity to pain.

Yet, when the Dark Muse comes to call, I open the door.

Here, in the world of crime fiction, I find my freedom.

Freedom to express all that I find troubling, good or noble about these times.

Justice, balance, heroism… All flourish in fiction…

…despite their rarity in this real world of ours.
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